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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Using Locked Pages for SQL Server 2008

Select * from sys.dm_os_process_memory

gives us Information on locked pages.
How does that help? Locked pages can improve SQL Performance to an extent and afterall SQL is backend for SharePoint.

Here is very good article on AWE/PAE and other switches
Here is an excerpt from the above blog:
Now then, so why considering x64 Architecture if we have AWE?
The use of SQL Server (32-bit) with AWE has several important limitations. The additional memory addressability is available only to the relational database engine’s management of database page buffers. It is not available to other memory consuming database operations such as caching query plans, sorting, indexing, joins, or for storing user connection information. It is also not available on other engines such as Analysis Services.
For more detailed information, refer to:
Advantages of a 64-bit Environment

SQL 2005:
DBCC Memorystatus

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